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  • Save Time and Money
  • Dental Patient Financing
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Financial Solutions for Dental Professionals

First Pacific Corporation is your best resource for realizing the full potential of your practice. We invite you to explore our site and learn what your colleagues are saying about FPC's services. We also invite you to personally speak with one of our representatives. A convenient, 15-minute meeting will help you gain the most complete information through a truly interactive in-person experience.

See How FPC Can Help You...

  • Offer Flexible Interest Free Patient Payment Plans
  • Maximize Your Production and Profits
  • Decrease Overhead & Increase Cash Flow
  • Optimize Staff Efficiency

For over 50 years, First Pacific Corporation has helped dental practices across the nation realize greater efficiencies and reduce overhead while the practice maintains total control and its unique personality.

What others are saying:

"FPC is what I needed to take me from an average practice to the cutting edge. FPC has developed a suite of services that allows me to provide quality dentistry. I can guarantee their services will reduce the stress level in your office. As I spend quality time with my patients, the value of FPC increases knowing they are taking care of the busy work behind the scenes. I have reaped the benefits of this win/win situation."

Dr. Gilman, Illinois

"First Pacific Corporation is a great company! If you are interested in improving your bottom line, I would suggest you find out more about what FPC offers."

Dr. Haglund, Minnesota

"We chose the services of FPC in order to offer more flexible payment plans to our patients and increase our production. The service has been phenomenal and we truly enjoy our association with the people of First Pacific."

Dr. Sroor, Missouri

"Implementing First Pacific services in my office six years ago has undoubtedly been the best business decision I have made during my 29 years in practice. I actually enjoy practicing dentistry again!"

Dr. Rich, Kentucky

"I like having the peace of mind that FPC is on my team that I can count on to keep the business side of my practice running smoothly so my staff can focus on practice building actions. With the help of FPC, I can been able to grow my practice revenues to 3.8 million!"

Dr. Offerdahl, Colorado