Frequently Asked Questions
What does FPC do?
FPC provides a unique, comprehensive suite of services designed to support dental professionals and overcome the major obstacles most practices face. By increasing treatment plan acceptance and minimizing the time consumed by AR management tasks, goals such as maximizing profits become realistic.
How can FPC help increase my bottom line?
With FPC, practices can offer patients a way to complete treatment today with a same as cash repayment option. This way, patient needs dictate the treatment instead of patient finances. This essential support to patients improves overall satisfaction and increases patient referrals. With increased treatment plan acceptance and patient referrals, your bottom line improves.
How can my cash flow improve with FPC?
With FPC, practices receive weekly payment for production. There is no delay and no waiting for insurance reimbursements or patient collections. Your cash flow becomes predictable which eliminates the stress of wondering what's going to be in the mailbox daily.
What is the benefit of freeing up staff time?
Generally there are two types of tasks performed in a successful practice: Revenue maintenance and revenue generating tasks. By removing mundane revenue maintenance tasks from the office, staff can refocus more time on revenue generating tasks that will improve the practice's bottom line.
How does FPC help maximize my profits?
FPC allows you to spend more time with patients and less time handling stressful business matters. Productivity improves and so does profitability.